We have altered the planet for the worse, now its time to change our political lethargy

You, each of you, have the power to demand leaders be accountable and save energy.

All it takes to act is to use the electricity in you cell phone and call the Capitol switchboard – 202-224-3121 – as voters and future voters tell them Senator Martinez should vote for a strong Climate Security Act – sponsored by John Warner and Joseph Lieberman. As a good first step this bill needs to become law so we can strengthen the laws every year to promote solar energy and reduce pollution.

You have the power to make every school, every post office, every church and synagogue a site for the generation of solar energy. Every time the sun shines electricity or hot water can be generated and that means you use clean energy that is replenished everyday. By doing so you put people to work in your town, your city your neighborhoods.

All you need to do is raise your voice, educate your friends and tell someone, global warming and climate chaos is something we can act to jump in before it gets any worse. We have only a few short weeks to compel 60 senators to strengthen and pass the Climate Security Act before Congress goes on recess for the summer and the election goes into full swing. And that means we must create an enormous public wave of support in all 50 states right now. We cannot afford to wait for the election; Congress must wake up now from its deadly slumber. Congress needs to take it head out of the sand and start putting Americans to work and solar energy is just one of several ways to do that.

We won’t get a second chance in this 2008 election year. Another whole year of inaction could be devastating for available water supplies, decreasing snow levels and shrinking coastlines. The planet has a fever and we are not even taking aspirin to reduce the temperature. Because we are not cutting our pollution, the alarming news that enormous ice sheets are collapsing in Antarctica makes it painfully clear: the climate crisis isn’t on the way. It’s already here. An ice sheet the size of Manhattan island collapsed into the sea.

• Fact 1: Climate change due to global warming is happening and humans are contributing to it by polluting the air and sea with heat trapping chemicals at a rate faster than forests and oceans can absorb.

• Fact 2: The current climate change is not just part of a natural cycle, because it is too abrupt and on too worldwide a scale.

• Fact 3: If we continue emitting greenhouse gases this warming will continue and delaying action will make the problem more difficult to fix becaus ethe residence time of heat trapping gas in the air is for a century or more and the oceans are warmer than they have been in the last century.

• Fact 4: Temperatures are continuing to rise and will into the future, because water retains heat longer we will be feeling the heat for years to come.

• Fact 5: Recent warming cannot be explained by the Sun or natural factors alone, because of the amount of carbon dioxide, methane, nitric oxides, and cfc’s accumulating in the air or water bodies and each compound retains heat.

• Fact 6: Climate models predict the main features of future climate where droughts, flooding and irregularities in weather will adversely affect the food supply, drinking water sources and disease prevalence.

By waiting and doing nothing, the rate of increase in air pollution by heat trapping gasses will increase and that means by the time middle school teenagers are fifty the amount of heat trapping gas in the air will be more than at any time in the last 800,000 years. We have only a few years to begin reducing our emissions to address what the German chancellor Andrea Merkel calls the biggest problem we now face everyday: global warming and the existing climate chaos it generates. Food riots across the world this past month reveal that humans who have created this problem will be the first to feel the impacts of erratic climate induced droughts, floods, untimely freezes or thaws. The planet’s fever is something you can help to reduce by more efficiently using and renewably generating electricity.



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