Posted by: josephsiry | May 11, 2015

Do we see clearly the nation we inhabit and those people’s lives whom our actions inhibit?

Justice Gerard E. Lynch defends liberty in a world of secrecy.

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What have we seen and heard to which we bear false witness by either turning a blind eye, or taking a distracted glance to get our minds off of the destructive acts we have become habituated to seeing?

“We live in a country where telling the hard truth with clarity has become a taboo.”

William Greider, Come Home America, (2002) p. 1.

“the government does not even suggest that all of the records sought or even necessarily any of them are relevant to any specific defined inquiry.”

GERARD E. LYNCH, Circuit Judge: ACLU v. Clapper (May 7, 2015.)

 “considering the issue of advocacy in the context of deliberations involving alleged state secrets, and more broadly, the ‘leak’ by Edward Snowden that led to this litigation, calls to mind the disclosures by Daniel Ellsberg, that gave rise to the legendary ‘Pentagon Papers’ litigation.”

Judge Robert Sack wrote in a concurring opinion.


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