Posted by: josephsiry | November 5, 2008


The moment when our nation changed forever.




Not since Franklin Delano Roosevelt has a person been elected President at a more propitious time in the history of the Republic; that he is of African and American descent marks this day November 4, 2008 a watershed in the nation’s political culture. As an urban, educated, Christian and Black Senator, President-elect Barak Obama will define this era of engagement, of hope and can do spirit for our troubled nation in ways that will defy our old categories of partisanship.


It has been said that President Lyndon Johnson, when he was signing the 1965 Voting Rights Act, recognized he would change the complexion of the country’s electoral alignment and seal the fate of the old segregationist-prone Democratic Party in border and Southern states. But yesterday’s election reveals that Johnson’s vision also enabled this fragile democratic process to work and to effectively deal politically with the nation’s troubles by electing Barak Obama, yesterday. We and he stand now together to face among the greatest threats we have ever encountered: war, financial collapse, scandal, rising social inequality, a deteriorating technological infrastructure and ecological support system.


President-elect Obama deserves our uncommon support for unifying the nation to face the twin domestic and international fractures that threaten to bring down the very rights we all cherish as free people. His opportunity –in light of our history, our Civil War, and our political culture– is a watershed moment. That is, a defining period in which we will never again be the same because we have crossed an invisible barrier in the flow of events.


Savor this moment, invest in our national success and demand a renaissance of freedom that this new opportunity gives to us all. In the narrowest of views based on our political history, the Senate of the United States, by offering up three of its own members in this now finished presidential race, re-asserted its proper right to take back this nation’s power from those who had squandered their mandate, sullied the constitution, and bankrupted two generations of working Americans.


The wave of change you are feeling today is a convergence of desires for a fair and constitutional nation, a people resisting racial prejudice, and an electorate expressing its fatigue with the politics of distraction while a foreign policy of unilateral-preemptive war robs us of our allies in a world too small to tolerate provocative policies that divide us.


Congratulations Mr. President-elect and all 100 million plus Americans who voted — together all of us made history.


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